The Meaning of Fingers


The meaning of rings on fingers    

Dominate hand-your sending out energy into the world.Non-dominate hand- you are attracting energy to you. Typically rings are worn out of habit, but not always. Anytime you wear a ring you are affecting the energy of your hand. 

 If you’re wanting to make a powerful impression at a meeting, wear a red ring on your index finger, this will help empower your message and send it out,but beware red is also very intense and it may intimidate people. 

Orange and yellow stones in rings are health and tension related. They deal with base needs like money and well being. Green and pink stones are for love.

Blue is for communication-general verbal communication.

Purple stones are for psychic or intuitive empowerment. A purple stone worn on a non-dominate pinky will attract psychic communication, psychic information.

Rolling rings are good for problems and decision making, best worn on your middle finger.

Rings on thumbs are worn for a desire of will power and energy to cope.

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