Palmistry (Chirology)

(The eyes may be the window to the soul but our palm is the blue print of our physical and psychological selves)

The art of palmistry has evolved over centuries. Our hands are the blue prints of our physical and psychological selves. There are many fascinating features about our hands that can play a part in revealing who we are, as well as where we are going. Our heart line (emotion), head line (mental), fate line (drive), life line (quality of life), minor lines, calluses, cuts, warts, burns, blisters- all are indicative to something about ourselves. Jewelry, and why we wear it on certain fingers, can also tell a lot about a persons personality. A hand reading enables you to steer around potential problems, grab opportunities and make the right decisions to help you take control of your life. Through palm reading, I provide my clients with a guiding light that highlights opportunities that will ultimately lead them to a path of light and love.

Palm Reading price is $20.and use Paypal , just click on the button and follow below instructions.
Palm Reading Instruction
I’ll need a clear picture of both palms or use a zerox machine, fingers included, and please indicate if you are right or left handed and email to

Palm Reading

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