Hello, my name is Mary and welcome to TarotandPalmReading.com!

I have been a tarot card reader for over 25 years of experience. I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Las Vegas in 1982. In addition to reading tarot, I love reading palms. My interest in palmistry started when I was a teenager. I was the only one in my family growing up that had any interest in spirituality. I used to get my palm read for $5 dollars- that was 45 years ago by an old gypsy on route 46 in Rockaway, NJ. That’s what sparked my interest in metaphysics. Palm reading and tarot cards became my favorite practice.I also attend a tarot card group once a week where we discuss readings.

I believe we all possess natural psychic abilities and that our bodies house our soul, our purely spiritual self. Sometimes the responsibility of everyday life prevents us from connecting to and nurturing this part of ourselves. My goal is to help guide my clients toward a path of spiritual, light and love.

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